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Iota 12

We all know the difference between the truth and lies, don’t we?


Christopher     Karl Schackne
Jill Genevieve Perdue
Annette Tess Middlebrook


 written by Jen Kollmer

produced by Jen Kollmer and Alisha Lumea

sound effects:  MasgameleytosparabolixOmar Alvarado,  vibe_crc, DineoMichelle, Oddworld, borQue, HerbertBolandRuonVNiekerk

thanks to Jason Jeremy for sound advice, Joe Besecker, Ian Walker, Tim Bauer, and Sophia Naylor for enduring drafts one to eleven, and Curtis Yarvin, who lost a car to this production

Actor Bios

Karl Schackne (Christopher) is an actor & playwright raised in the Bay Area. Among his favorite roles since he began acting in 2009 are Barnaby in Much Ado About Lebowski (Primitive Screwheads), Schultz in Circle Mirror Transformation (City College of SF), Dr. Fine in Six Degrees of Separation (Custom Made), Dave in Left Coast News (Left Coast Theatre Co.), and Glyndwr in Spell Eternity (Quantum Dragon). His plays include 3 collaborations with Wily West Productions: Superheroes, Zero HourThe Mars Experiment, and I Saw It, and his short play Age Old Wisdom was a finalist in 2016’s ShortLived Festival. While not doing theatre he enjoys epic game nights, world travel, and slow-cooking meat. Karl’s Facebook Page

Genevieve Perdue (Jill) I’m an actress and a singer and a gamer and a dreamer…….and a poet. Apparently.

Genevieve’s Facebook Page


Tess Middlebrook (Annette) began acting in New York City in 2007, and has continued doing so since. Tess can be found writing for her sketch team, Valleho Productions, or doing improv shows around LA & SF with her improv teams; The S.S. Moorebrook, and Invasion of Privacy. Tess’s Web-Series, Hillbrook Gardens was named official selection by the LA Webfest 2016 & Tess received a nomination for Best Actress in a comedy. A chef by trade, you can see Tess on the Food Network’s Hit Series Chopped. Interested in learning to cook? Go to Tess The Chef for more info or follow me @tesscooks on instagram. Currently, Tess is collaborating with director Megan Finely of the Rapid Descent Physical Performance Company in San Francisco. Tess is the head writer on Finley’s latest project, Feed The Kitchen.

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