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Diving Back In

I’ll confess: the last production I worked on was years ago, when I was six months pregnant. I had another short script I wanted to film, but not enough time to pull it off before my due date.

Two months after my daughter was born, I was back in my writing group, first as a reader, and then slowly with pages here and there. I started a weekly “study hall” night with a writer friend and cranked out more pages. I figured I’d generate a stack of scripts that would be ready to go once my life had room for the all-encompassing reality of film production.

The scripts never turned the corner, though—I’d get halfway through a project, get bogged down, and then desperately start another. It beat the heck out of not writing at all, but it wasn’t working, either.

Then I got sucked in podcasts the same way everyone else did—binging on Serial, an ear bud stealthily hidden in one ear so my kids wouldn’t ask what I was listening to. I was late to this game, for sure, but what a game! From there I started looking for the fiction shows, found some great ones, and quickly realized that there’s always room for more.

I started writing, really writing.

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