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Sound Designer(s) Wanted

Looking for experienced audio wizards for design and post production work (and a little pre-production planning) for our next two shows.

The Basics

  • Sound designer receives a cash stipend for each piece, and of course full credit for your work. (The title is totally negotiable–if “sound designer” rubs you the wrong way, we can call you whatever you like.)
  • Timeline: recording in mid December. Release in early March and April.
  • Recording currently planned for a studio in San Francisco.
    • If you’re in the Bay Area: we’re open to recording in a home studio, if you have one that can accommodate 3 actors reading together.
    • If you’re far away: if you know how to do this sort of work remotely, let’s talk about how we could coordinate.
  • Director will do a rough dialogue edit (choosing between multiple takes, a rough stab at pacing, etc.) before handing the project over for finer tuning, mixing, effects.
    • Adobe Audition is the tool of choice.


Send us a note at theatrophone.podcast@gmail.com with

  1. your bio/resume
  2. a link to your reel or projects you’ve worked on
  3. the piece(s) you’re interested in

Want to see the scripts first? Happy to send them to you!

The Role

“Sound designer” can mean a bunch of different things depending on who you ask, so here’s what we’ve got in mind:

  • Strategize with the director/producer before the recording session, and either attending the recording or sending us with a laundry list of things to get while we’re there.
  • Design the audio environments/spaces for each play.
    • Each play takes place in a single location.
    • “Obvly” also has a few lines delivered from outside the room and over the phone.
  • Provide SFX/foley for the piece. These aren’t effects-heavy plays, but each has action within a naturalistic space. Examples of the sorts of effects needed:
    • Characters entering/exiting the room (while talking)
    • Cell phone noises
    • Opening a fridge and rummaging through a box of leftover cookies
    • Setting a table with plates and silverware (begrudgingly)
    • Oh, and a time machine opens a portal in the next room (“Obvly”)
  • Editing: Move the project from rough cut to brilliant.
  • Perform the final mixdown, so we have an audio file ready to upload to our server (LibSyn).

Even More Details on the Projects

This might be too much information, but here goes!


35 minutes. Your digital assistant only wants what’s best for you. And now that the AI revolution has come, good luck convincing her she doesn’t know exactly what that is.

  • Has a Siri/Alexa electronic assistant as a major character, and right now we’re planning on using a plug-in in Adobe Audition to generate that voice–unless a sound person is super convinced that going with a human actor will sound better. (We could be swayed, maybe?)
    • Need variants for two other characters’ phones
    • ”incognito mode” (Ida faking old Ida mode)
  • Location: office lunch room
  • FX:
    • characters enter and exit rooms while talking
      • characters open a fridge and pull out a box of cookies, then rummage through it looking for their favorite flavor
      • smacking a phone on a table
      • computer beeps
      • pouring a carafe of water into coffee maker, placing carafe under filter to receive coffee
      • coffee fills carafe
      • phone pings
        • messages arrive
        • update completes
      • computer beeps
        • messages arrive
        • update completes


25 minutes. Parenting was hard enough before Emily’s daughter traveled back in time to visit.

  • Locations/environment: suburban kitchen
    • voice through phone
    • voice from the next room
  • FX:
    • a time machine opens a portal in the next room
    • character also beams herself back to the future through that portal in the next room
    • characters enter and exit the room while talking
    • food prep
    • setting a table (angrily)
    • phone calls—incoming and outbound
    • a group hug (3 characters)
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