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Raising the White Flag

I love editing. You’re making a thing. (Yes, writing is making a thing, and recording is definitely making a thing, but editing is finalizing the whole thing.) There’s nothing like wiring in, getting into the groove of the dialogue, and emerging hours later with another block ready to go. It’s so much fun. I’ll happily shuffle clips around a track until I can barely move my right arm.

But editing and my calendar? Not so great. I edited our first two shows solo, and two of the actors in Iota 12 got married and had a baby before I got through 40 minutes of air time. (To be fair, they were already engaged at recording time, but still.)

So for season two we’re working with Audiohm Media for sound design and overall post production. We handled the recording and put together a very rough cut (finding the best takes, etc.). And then we sent everything to Audiohm. And they worked their magic. The shows sound great, and now we’re on the verge of releasing, in less than 1/12th the time it would have taken me by myself.

Here’s to collaboration! And making things with help.

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