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The Opposite of a Paid Promotion

A few blog posts back (and seemingly a lifetime ago, because I’m writing this in the spring of 2020), part of me looked at bringing in outside editors as a kind of defeat, or at least an admission that I can’t do everything all the time. Before jumping into production, I remember arguing with myself, No really, this is fine, even though I was still afraid to hand over so much creative control to anyone.

I got lucky. I heard about Audiohm Media through the amazing Audio Drama Hub on Facebook*, and checked out other shows they’d produced (including How I Died). I liked what I heard, so I gave them a shout, and we were up and running right away.

They helped me prep for a studio recording, did the audio room design (both pieces from season 2 take place indoors), the sound effects (including the time machine landing in the next room), and the real editing. They turned around a rough cut fast, and we worked through my notes like a breeze. From start to finish working with them was a dream. (And they were even really nice about the couple/few times I dropped the ball because of business trips/holidays/family/illness!)

The whole process went so smoothly, I have no advice on pitfalls to look out for when starting up with a production company, no thoughts on how that could have gone better.

And at the risk of shooting myself in the foot (because I’m hoping they have some availability this fall when we get going on our next project, a series this time), I’m telling anyone reading this: if you need production help, to go check out Audiohm before they’re completely booked.

* neé The Audio Drama Production Podcast group–remember Robert and Matthew of A Scottish Podcast?

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